Fosdem 2015 - interesting links

09 February 2015

  • Web pages in Firefox are getting a Bluetooth API for pairing and sharing data directly between devices and web apps.
  • GeoTrelis is a tool for doing fast queries against geospatial raster data. The demo I saw was priocessing several GB in a few sseconds on a standard laptop.
  • GeoGig is distributed versioning of geospatial data.
  • Matrix a distibuted comms system, but looks like it could also be used as a distributed immutable datastore.
  • DIY book scanning [is a thing].(
  • is a library for building distributed social network type things. I bet there‚Äôs a couple of hyperlocal things in that.
  • Media Goblin is a decentalised Flickr/Youtube type thing. When we all have tiny home server, and it has had some UI love maybe this will be a goer.
  • Scrapy is simple, serious looking scraper library for Python.
  • Open Food Facts is building an open database of what is in our food, indexed by barcodes, collected via phone apps.