Moving from Gmail

27 May 2014

I finally got around to moving my email from Gmail to Fastmail. It’s been churning away moving over 8 years worth of emails for over 24 hours now.

First, that meant sorting out my domain name. It was with namesco, who don’t support two-factor auth which no longer feels like an acceptable risk for something that has defacto access to your email.

I moved it to All very easy.

Since they have one-click DNS setup for Ghost and github pages, I figured I may as well sort out my blog whilst I was at it.

I culled my old one when the wordpress/ubuntu installs went horribly out of date, and never got around to sorting it out.

So I now have

They also make it simple to point a domain at github pages, so I figured I should fix the broken links I created to random talks / downloads etc.

I’ve started to rescue old content from a mix of backups and at Mostly slide decks for now, including this one from a 2006 event that I seem to remember Francis signed me up to talk at without asking me (I had never did any public speaking). Glad he did.

I also added the video of the talk I did last year at Opentech which, listening to it now, lays out some of the early thinking behind habitat.