Notes: Capital Ring, habitat

21 May 2014

Completed the Capital Ring. Last 3 stages were a bit epic - about 19 miles in one day. Nearly walked into a deer.

Deer in Richmond Park

The Capital Ring is well worth the effort, but there’s a total lack of good online information about it. It’s crying out for a dedicated wiki of tips, being able to link to each stage, open GPX tracks.

Off work this week, mostly working on habitat. I now have a working example client for posting location data, and for editing scenarios.

Scenario client

Both are written in Backbone.js, which I still haven’t fully got my head around.

I ended up slightly hacking the oAuth workflow - since the habitat server is self hosted, the idea of issuing client ids, then adding those to the client, then giving permission is a bit odd. So, for now at least, the clients can choose their own.